Exposure and
Other Worldly Morsels

Regularly updated with stories, photo galleries, and videos from his adventures. Check out Dave's blog for the inside track on world travel, adventure and documentary filmmaking.

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Demo Reel

Watch Dave's newly released demo reel above to see a selection of his work from hostile environments the world over. See for yourself how getting the perfect shot against all odds is a challenge Dave relishes!

Cue The

Dave shares some of the adventures he enjoyed - and sometimes endured - whilst in pursuit of the 'money shot'. His comedic style is sure to entertain and the things he's experienced will leave you in awe.

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Marathon des

In 2000, Dave braved the Sahara desert to record Internet coverage of the 15th Marathon des Sables, compiling 50 video stories that show you the race from the runners' perspective -- videos that tell their own story.

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